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Whether it is for adding skills to enhance your career, making yourself more employable, learning for your school language classes or as a hobby,
GENRISE brings personalized learning experience that makes learning German language easy, quick, and fun.

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Why Genrise for Language Training?

Experienced trainers

Our teachers have the highest certifications in the German languages and are well-trained with digital content delivery methods to bring you the best learning experience.

Well researched and Innovative Content

We have designed tailor-made content drawing from our years of experience to ensure that you can learn languages while having fun and gain real world skills.

International Certification

Our courses are designed to ensure you successfully clear language certifications from authorised testing bodies such as Goethe, JPLT etc.

Our Program Offerings and Benefits
S.NoProgram OfferingsYour benefits and advantages
1Career Counseling and Profile AnalysisThe detailed profile analysis is done and accordingly personalised goal setting and career counselling is done for each candidate to ensure his / her success
2Interactive Online ClassesGet mentored by our expert trainers in every step of your language preparation with 300+ sessions.The program focuses on the key skills viz. reading, writing, listening and speaking. The lessons are conducted by professional faculties who have been trained extensively
3Well planned and structured curriculumCurriculum designed as per the DSH, the TestDaF, and the Goethe-Institut Examination.
4Accent Language TrainingReduce or eliminate your accent and sound more like a native speaker.Learn the International Phonetic Alphabet and pronounce every word correctly even if you see it for the first time.Have more confidence when speaking native language because people will understand you better.Learn how to correctly make all the sounds.
5Study MaterialThe releveant study material, exercises etc for practice at home will be provided to prepare better
6Discussions and real time practiceReal time discussions and practice of important concepts
7Recorded lectures of Live SessionsThe recorded lectures are provided for the specific sessions missed on request basis
8Dedicated Doubt clearing-classesDedicated doubt clearing sessions are given apart from regular sessions to ensure effective learning.With regular sessions, get ample time to absorb the learning, practise its applications, and revise it before the next class.
9Whtasapp Chat SupportHave direct access to your mentor/trainer through whatsapp chat group to solve any of your doubts or queries related to your program
10Model Tests30+ model tests to prepare thoroughly before you attempt the actual exam to ensure that you clear the same in first attempt thereby saving money
11Actual Test SchedulingAssistance in scheduling the actual exam of authorised testing body
Our German Language Products

German Language Level


Study Hours: 200+ Hrs
Module Tests: 20+ Tests

German Language Level


Study Hours: 400+ Hrs
Module Tests: 20+ Tests

German Language Level


Study Hours: 600+ Hrs
Module Tests: 23+ Tests

German Language Level


Study Hours: 800+ Hrs
Module Tests: 30+ Tests
50+ Exercise worksheets for each level
Mock Tests in every 10 days to make students aware of exam pattern/expectations for each level
PDF book on German Language Training
Online Classes
DICTIONARY -Langenscheidt universal Dictionary / German- English
Oral daily recap of topics covered in last session
Visual Aid (Youtube video links) provided for better understanding of concept and pronunciation
Emphasis on making students capable to speaking/ understanding German

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    German Language Course

    There are six levels in the German language according to the standard European Framework of Reference for languages (CEFR). We offer training for up to four levels. Would you like to know what you will learn at each level & how much German you will understand at the end of each level? Read on.

    German LevelWhat you will learn at this level
    German Level A1Alphabets, numbers, colors, vocabulary related to day-to-day activities, introduce yourself, Introduce others, read sign boards, book appointments, and understand instructions on airports or railway stations.
    German Level A2Read and fill out Application forms, write short messages, speak about hobbies and routines, able to speak to with German native speaker if he/she speaks with a very low phase & presentence sentence structure
    German Level B1Understand the main points of clear standard input on familiar matters regularly encountered in school, workplace, leisure, etc
    German Level B2At this level you will be able to hold conversations on a variety of topics understand native speakers more easily, read and write German with Proficiency
    German Level C1You will be a master at this level, able to read and understand German literature, able to watch dram, movies & scientific documentaries.
    German Level C2The highest level in German Learning as a foreigner.
    How many levels of German language are required depending upon your purpose?
    PurposeGerman language Requirement
    To Study Master Degree in Germany –English taught programDepending upon the university, some universities don’t require German language to give admission. Few universities require till A2 or B1 level, even though the entire program is taught in English.  Due to the increased number of applicants to Germany if you know German language chances of getting admission
    To Apply for a Student visa to study master’s degree- English taught the programGerman Certification may not be mandatory but including German Certification increases your visa success rate
    To Study Bachelor Degree in Germany – German taught ProgramB2 Level is a minimum requirement
    To apply for a student visa, to study Bachelor’s Degree in Germany – German taught ProgramGerman certification till B2 mandatory
    To Apply for Spouse VisaGerman certification A1 mandatory
    To Apply for work VisaGerman certification till B2 mandatory
    To get a pat time jobJob which involves customer interaction requires  till B1. Jobs without customer interaction requires no German
    Why should I learn a foreign language?

    For his trip to Germany, Keshav made all the arrangements, packed his warm clothes, prepared an itinerary and made his hotel bookings. However, upon reaching Frankfurt airport, he found it extremely difficult to make his way through the city, get a taxi, order the right food and travel to other parts of the country due to his lack of knowledge of the German language. Throughout his trip, he regretted not learning the language and after coming home, he joined a German language program with Genrise to prepare himself for his next trip to the country.

    Why is it Important?

    It is important to learn foreign languages in this rapidly changing world. Nowadays we are connected with people belonging to different cultures, communities and those who speak different languages. Work and educational opportunities have allowed us to travel to different places, meet new people and leave our footprints across the globe.

    In this global world, communication is key and speaking a foreign language is an added advantage. Learning and speaking a foreign language not only helps communicate with people across the world but also leads to career development and personal growth.

    Speaking multiple languages is extremely beneficial and provides various opportunities such as the following

    Higher education

    While applying abroad for higher education, speaking the native language always increases the chances of the student in gaining admission. It helps the student adjust quickly in his/her new surroundings.
    Many universities require their students to speak the native language of the country.  For example- The students pursuing medicine in Russia should be fluent in Russian.

    Impressive resume

    Let’s just put it out there, your knowledge of multiple languages will look great on your résumé. Nowadays, speaking multiple languages is an added bonus. 

    Build new connections

    Communicating with people, sharing ideas and experiences becomes so much easier when you are talking to people in their native language. While other languages might be known and spoken but there is always a chance of misinterpretation. You can develop strong bonds, interact with professionals with ease, read literature and watch movies of different languages! 

    More job opportunities

    It opens up a wide variety of job opportunities not just in your native country but many other countries as well. Multilingualism is the future!  Jobs that require you to communicate in foreign languages are on the rise.  Fields such as tourism, diplomatic services, public relations and even the entertainment industry demand employees who can converse in multiple languages.  This will lead to greater work and learning opportunities and career growth as well.

    Improves verbal skills

    Learning a new language improves your vocabulary and knowledge of your native languages. You will start reading more books, translating words and sentences from your native language to the one you’re learning. This will improve your reading and writing skills.

    Travel becomes easier!

    While travelling abroad, speaking multiple languages comes in handy. Many languages like French and Spanish are common across countries and learning them allows you to travel farther without any trouble.  You can easily find your way through streets, catch trains, order food much faster and blend in with the people. Plus, you would get a chance to practice and become fluent in the language.

    More exposure

    Speaking a foreign language can help you learn about different cultures, especially that of the countries where it is spoken in. So, along with a new language, you also learn about different cultures, cuisines and their people. You can acquire greater knowledge about the arts, literature and traditions. This also broadens your horizon and helps develop an open mind, so that you can look at things with a new perspective.

    Cognitive development

    Learning a new language can lead to greater cognitive development. People who know multiple languages have a greater attention span, thinking and problem solving skills. It also helps you retain more information, communicate and comprehend better